: Stuck Pixel on NEW LCD tv

2010-04-15, 12:53 PM
Just got a brand NEW Samsung 52" LCD HD television on Tuesday. Haven't used it even 24 hrs and last night my wife pointed out a blue pixel the size of the end of a pen!!

U only see it against a solid black background and never anytime otherwise but I am pissed! What if it spreads?

Is this normal? What should I do?

We handled this thing like china when taking it out of the box and everything!

2010-04-15, 01:54 PM
A fairly common issue. If you do a search for "stuck dead pixel" on this forum, you'll find several previous threads on the topic. Some people have been able to "revive" LCDs by tapping/rubbing the affected pixel.


Do not scratch or damage the TV and note the warnings in the link below! You may wish to wait a few days to see if it goes away on it's own after the TV has been turned on/off a few times, along with different images to the TV.

There are also some programmes which alternate signals to the TV to "unstick" a stuck pixel. A web search should find these programmes if you can use your PC on your TV or burn a DVD...

Found via a web search:


If it gets worse, or if it doesn't go away, you can contact the store regarding their policy.