: Blu-Ray 3D upgrade coming to PowerDVD

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2010-04-01, 01:09 PM
Taiwan based Cyberlink Corp announced today that an upcoming version of its popular PowerDVD media player has received 3D certification from the Blu-ray Disc Association. (http://www.digitalhome.ca/2010/04/blu-ray-3d-upgrade-coming-to-powerdvd/)

PowerDVD 10 Ultra is available now from the company’s website for $100 U.S. The Mark II upgrade which enables 3D playback will be available this summer as a free upgrade for those who already purchased PowerDVD 10 Ultra 3D.

2010-04-01, 01:16 PM
Don't waste your money.

I have given up on PDVD for BluRay on my HTPC. Things were working OK initially but after the fiasco that was/is District 9 playback, i.e. PDVD won't play it, I am dumping it.

2010-04-01, 01:33 PM
jvincent, what are you going to use instead?

I have V8 which came with my Blu-ray drive so I have nothing invested at this point.. I frankly haven't used it much so I can speak with little experience. I assume other software will be 3D approved in the next little while so I don't have to buy PDVD but I would like the 3D capability.

2010-04-01, 01:41 PM
I have PDVD10 and TMT3 running just fine on WMC7.
With the 3D upgrade, will I need a 3D TV or does the software take care of all that?
I JUST dropped some $$$ on a new Panny TCP54V10 and don't plan any upgrades for quite a while now, she's a beauty!

2010-04-01, 04:01 PM
I will probably go with TMT3 from Arcsoft.

PDVD is OK for most things but it has enough annoying features that I'm purging it from my PC.

The District 9 issue was the last straw for me. The issue with D9 is that PDVD does not recognize the file structure on the BD. After much back and forth with Cyberlink they would not admit to a problem and kept pointing at other things as the cause.

Arthur Dent
2010-04-04, 06:19 PM
District 9 blu-ray played just fine for me with PDVD9. Without any need fo AnyDVD.
What problem exactly did you have?

2010-04-04, 09:15 PM
It gave me an "Unrecognized File format" error, or something to that effect.

I had some time today so I reinstalled PDVD. I'll give it another chance.

2010-04-05, 09:50 PM
Just tried District9 again and still no dice.

What version are you running?

Arthur Dent
2010-04-06, 08:16 PM
PowerDVD 9 Version 9.0.2528-51. BD-Live is enabled, HW aceleration too, ATI card. No AnyDVD.
OS is Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. BD Drive is Sony BWU-100A.
On the first play, when I got to the dialog screen with the human and alien signs, I chose the alien, which wasn't selected by default :) I don't think it mattered, though, because the next time I chose the human sign, and it was still OK.

2010-04-06, 08:22 PM
Hmm, I am at 9.0.2320. When I re-installed that was the version it grabbed. Off to the Cyberlink site.

2010-04-06, 08:40 PM
No dice with 2528. I am running XP SP3. Not sure if that makes a difference.

Stupid PDVD.

2010-04-07, 07:45 AM
Also keep in mind to enjoy 3D bluray from PDVD, you will need

New Video Card with 1.4a HDMI
New Receiver with 1.4a HDMI
New TV with 1.4a HDMI

3D glasses x Number of people watching.

Since I just purchased a new TV and Receiver last year, it will be quite a while before this become important to me.

2010-04-09, 10:19 PM
Just installed TotalMediaTheater Platinum and District 9 played without any issues.

It also loaded a pile faster than my standalone. Time to reconfigure the keyboard mappings on the remote control.

2010-04-26, 07:47 PM
OK, one more reason to love Arcsoft.

I just connected my Xbox360 HDDVD drive to the HTPC, and as advertised by TMT, I am now playing back HDDVDs!

This is most excellent news because I can put off, probably indefinitely, replacing the HDDVD content I have. It's also much quieter than playing them on the 360.

2010-07-06, 10:06 AM
Mark II upgrade out today for those interested.

2010-07-07, 10:16 AM
Just installed TotalMediaTheater Platinum and District 9 played without any issues.

It also loaded a pile faster than my standalone. Time to reconfigure the keyboard mappings on the remote control.
How does TMT3 handle mkv files?

Also, what remote are you using?


2010-07-07, 01:04 PM
Sorry, I can't answer the MKV question since I don't watch those.

I'm using and MX-700 remote with a USB-UIRT receiver on the HTPC. I use Girder (the last free version) to handle the IR code to keystroke mappings.

It had been so long since I set it up it took me a while to remember how exactly I had set it up in the first place.

2010-07-08, 07:42 AM
jvincent ... you are living in the dinosour age .... LOL

Probable still using Meedio??

2010-07-08, 08:55 AM
I am somewhat of an anachronism when it comes to my HTPC.

No front end, no DVD library on a hard drive, no torrenting. I just use it as a standalone DVD/BD player and all of the commands are mapped to keys on the remote.

On the other hand, I have had it since 2002 or maybe 2003 so I do fall into the early adopter dinosaur category.

2010-07-08, 12:49 PM
LOL ... I am just the other way, everything stored on a server, etc

I guess I am a bleeding edge adopter .... want to buy some HD DVD'ds ....