: HD Media Player over 2TB supported per volume

2010-03-26, 11:35 AM
Is somebody know a model of HD Media Player (XStreamer, TVIX, Popcorn, etc) which can work with a single hard drive volume of 16TB, (ex: Drobopro 8X2TB, managed like a single volume partition of 16TB) ?

I have now the WD TV but it cannot work with a Raid, or even with a hard drive over 2TB per USB...

thank for your help :)

2010-03-29, 09:22 PM
I use a Patriot Box Office and stream from a Windows Home Server with a 6TB volume based on 4x 1.5TB.
Usually the limits are 2TB for many, so I know this works fine.

My MVIX MX780-HD also works fine off the same server.

It might behave better when run off a network, I think that removes local disk limitations.