: WMC showing wrong virtual channels?

2010-03-25, 05:11 PM
Well, that's my guess.

Just 'bit the bullet' and tried Windows Media Center (Windows 7), with the registry patch to allow it to scan for ATSC signals regardless of my being in Canada. (Gotta love M$ for its brilliance.)

When it does the scan, CFTO-HD (real 40) shows up, but only until the scan hits CITY-HD (real 53), which is supposed to be virtual 57. Instead, it gets registered in the scan table as virtual 9, overlaying the CFTO entry.

Is this just me? WMC?

2010-03-25, 08:36 PM
Seems to be happening to everyone. I just fixed CITY in the edit guide settings, then re-added CFTO manually.

2010-03-30, 02:07 AM
Is this my problem as well?
I did the patch, manually added 2 channels in Calgary.
CICT-DT 36.1 on CH 36 &
CFCN-DT 41.1 on CH 41
I can get good signal strength, but NO PICTURE.

So I hooked directly into the TV and they autotune as 2.1 and 4.1, which is sort of correct as their regular analog OTA are on 2 & 4.

Should I maybe manually add them in as 2.1 and then channel 36
and 4.1 with CH 41

Could the wrong virtual cause it not to decode video/audio?

2010-03-30, 01:58 PM
Yes, it can.
I manually added them back in as 2.1 and 4.1 pointing to 36 & 41 and all is well.
Who knew?

Now just need to put in a beefier video card.

2010-03-30, 02:02 PM
Glad you figured that out. Why do you think you need a new video card? Most integrated graphics introduced in the last few years can handle OTA HD just fine. One of the latest ATI drivers had a glitch in them that made the video stutter, I'm cautious that some people may be buying new hardware due to that driver bug.


2010-03-30, 02:58 PM
Weird that it seems OK when playing back a BluRay, but it stutters on the viewing of HD OTA.

The onboard is the ATI 4200 on a Gigibyte MA785GMT-UD2H.

Where can I read about the driver bug and is there a version I should be using?

2010-03-30, 05:23 PM
I don't have specifics for you. When I updated drivers a few months ago, I noticed that all of my interlaced content (ie anything over the air at 1080i or anything recorded from analog cable) was severely choppy.

I tried several drivers, going back about four releases to find one that worked.

I'd try the newest catalyst driver, see if that works. Then try searching for drivers a few versions back, see if that works. Once I get home I'll try to pull the driver version from my Media Center for you.

2010-03-30, 05:24 PM
Oh, and the answer to your BluRay question is that bluray content isn't interlaced, it's 720p or 1080p generally. It's the deinterlacing that's buggy in the ATI driver.

2010-04-01, 02:18 AM
No joy with the very latest 10.3 Catalyst package.
If you could advise what package did the trick for you I could find a copy in their archives and give that a whirl..

If it's ATI and interlacing, then why have some reported success with a higher numbered video card?

What about trying an NVIDIA?

I do need to ensure I can send 7.1 out he HDMI port though and although I like the idea of bitstreaming, I can't justify a $500 video card to do it.

There must be some happy medium.

I mean I have lots of CPU and more than enough memory for the 32 bit OS.
I can't be the drives as I stream BD ISO at 35M of it.
What's an ATSC signal, about 19 or 27 or something?
I even tried a non Aero them with no improvement.

This is driving me nuts.

2010-04-01, 06:09 PM
So it doesn't look like Nvidia is really in the HTPC game quite yet.
Need to bitstream audio.

Some other forums are recommending the ATI HD 5670.
Sure seems to have a LOT more horsepower, so for a C-Note, think I may give it a try unless I can be convinced the onboard 4200 just needs a driver version that does screw up 1080i OTA signals.

I'd sure welcome the groups thoughts on this venture.