: Shuttle SN78SH7 Socket AM2+ Barebones

2010-03-22, 02:49 PM
did anyone use this small case to build the htpc before, I saw on tigerdiect.ca, it is about $230, I plan to add the winTV HVR-2250, (I like this come with the remote but it is not cheap, can this fit into this type of case) all I want is to replace my cable and still has the dual tuner so that I can watch OTA stuff and record the show whenever I want. plan to add blue-ray drive, 1T seagata sata, 2 stick 2G ram x2, a wireless keyboard and mouse.
my question:
is this NVIDIAŽ GeForceŽ 8200 video chipset good enough to drive 1080p?
what is the pro and con to use myth TV compare to win xp pro ( not media version, I have one licence for this but do not want to spend the money to buy win7 media version, if and only if you guy know something that I am not sure yet then please voice out).
I prefer winxp pro, since I will most likely use this as a TV and a computer monitor too for gmail, google picasa, youtube, & itunes.
if I use linux can I run this program too.
for the tuner card any other suggestion (lower cost). I only use this for OTA in toronto only

2010-03-22, 04:47 PM
Non-Media Center front ends are not 'free' either. Some free ones still need to pay a fee for EPG data at Schedule Direct AFAIK.

If there is no dire need for cute SFF boxes, best to do is forget about anything Shuttle altogether. Get an Acer Revo if you want it cute. It comes with 7 Premium and you're good to go. But you must get USB tuner(s) which many love. USB (eg 950Q) won't be my first choice unless there is no alternative.

I like the HVR-2250 though I don't have one...dual tuner on a single x1 slot is clever. I like my 3 HVR-1250 very much - best ATSC tuner out there.

2010-03-22, 05:03 PM
I don't mind to use the bigger box, but i want to build the box with sleep mode or some way to reduce the energy, since I do know if the 1T hard drive run 24/7 will die a lot earlier, 2-3 yrs the most.
I want to build this box reasonable quite and powerful enough to do web stuff too in the 52" projection TV that has DVI input for 1280x768. once the LED monitor drop the price to <$1000 then upgrade to full HD1080p, that is my plan.
What is the benefit to get window7 media center? can it get the program data free??

2010-03-22, 05:12 PM
Media Center works really, really well for OTA ONLY in GTA. Just use a Buffalo US zip code like 14201, 14301, 14072...One of them will get you all the listing.

There is no extra fee.

Many newer motherboards utilize S3 sleep very well and will wake the system if it is scheduled for a recording. My Mediagate MCE remote has a button that turns the computer on from S3 or Hibernate as well...The Hauppauge remote from my HVR-1250 doesn't wake the computer from S3.