: WD Media HDMI Question

2010-03-20, 10:53 AM
I am trying to connect my WD box (connected to a 2tb HD) thru my system. So, I have connected it to my TV via HDMI, but of course NO SOUND.. What do I do to get the sound through my av receiver? Simple? I know.... I already have my tv/cable/blue ray via optical (no hdmi on reciever) HELP PLEASE, THANKS

2010-03-20, 10:56 AM
You need to connect devices directly to the AVR, as discussed in the bolded part of the following FAQ, obviously not via HDMI, since your AVR doesn't have it. Does the WD have optical or coaxial audio? If so, you'll need to select that output from the user menu in the device probably.


2010-03-20, 11:02 AM
Thanks 57..

But, I think my AVR has only ONE optical in, so I think I outta luck there... I am even unsure what input selection I would use on the AVR...ie (aux/V-4, etc)
Maybe I need to upgrade AVR?

2010-03-20, 11:05 AM

1. buy an external digital audio switch (manual or remote operated)
2. Use analogue audio for the "non-critical" devices.
3. Go "through" the TV for "non-critical" devices, if the TV has an audio out option and if it "transcodes" the various incoming audio signals to the audio output (typically losing DD5.1)
4. Does the AVR have digital coaxial audio? Do any of your devices have that output?
5. New AVR

2010-03-20, 02:20 PM

You don't mention what options your TV has but I also have the WDHD tv box. What I have done is connect it to my tv with the HDMI connector and also have my bell pvr connected to the tv with HDMI. My AVR does not have HDMI so I use the tv to do the switching. My tv has an optical out that I plug into the AVR for audio. So whatever I'm watching on the tv, the audio is output to the AVR.


2010-03-20, 02:50 PM
...So whatever I'm watching on the tv, the audio is output to the AVR.
Yes, but as indicated in the link in post 2, you typically lose DD5.1, or in some cases, lose the signal completely.

2010-03-20, 06:51 PM
If you're happy with analog stereo you should be able to just use the white/red outputs on the WDTV and connect to AVR.

Make sure to select "stereo" in the WDTV setup menu although that might not be necessary.