: DivX Plus V8 available as free download

2010-03-17, 09:53 AM
DivX today announced that version eight of the company's DivX Plus Software is now available as a free download.

The DivX Plus software package is comprised of four individual products: the DivX Plus Player, the DivX Plus Web Player, the DivX Plus Codec Pack, and the DivX Plus Converter.

Available from the DivX site.

Michael DeAbreu
2010-03-17, 03:29 PM
Windows 7 Media Center doesn't support the MKV video file format. There are some hacks and specialized codec packs that can be applied. But to avoid codec hell I simply use VLC player. After some very unhappy experiences, I usually avoid DivX software like the plague.

So, has anyone installed Divx8? Does it integrate seamlessly with Win 7 Media Center? Does it allow 7MC to recognize and play MKV/DivX/Xvid video? Can I install it and never get annoying upgrade notifications?

2010-03-17, 03:37 PM
FWIW, according to the company

MKV Streaming to Gaming Consoles allows users to HD content in the MKV format to the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 with the new Codec Pack, which enables Windows 7 to play MKV files.

2010-03-17, 06:42 PM
any extra little goodies like spyware or toolbars? Last time I downloaded divx and it was ages ago it was shipping with those type of goodies.

2010-03-17, 07:38 PM
There was a Nortons thing but you can choose not to install it.

2010-03-17, 11:52 PM
Windows 7 Media Center doesn't support the MKV video file format.

I'm not sure what you're thinking about, but win7 MCE definitily does support .mkv files

the only thing you ever have to install is a splitter (haali media splitter is what I use)

I rip all my TV seasons to mkv (x264) and win7 plays them just fine with no codecs installed at all (again, just the haali media splitter)

2010-03-18, 01:22 AM
the only thing you ever have to install is a splitter (haali media splitter is what I use)

I think what Michael was saying is that out-of-the-box, Windows 7 doesn't support MKV. In fact, despite numerous reports, it doesn't support DivX, either. Microsoft includes H.264 and MPEG-4 ASP decoding, which will get you away with play most DivX .avi files, but not the full DivX format with features like subtitles, chapters, etc.

As a preview to our work on DivX Plus Codec Pack, we launched a tech preview of MKV on Windows 7, which included the first splitter for MKV that worked with Microsoft Media Foundation, allowing for Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center to recognize and decode MKV files with H.264 video and AAC audio, what we call DivX Plus HD.

The new installer lets you uncheck components you don't want, so you could just install the free DivX Plus Codec Pack, which would have a tiny footprint, but give you DirectShow filters, a super fast H.264 decoder with optional DXVA, and the Media Foundation components for Windows 7.

The only part of the software that's trial is the Pro portion of DivX Plus Converter, which means after 15-days, the DivX profiles turn off, but you'll still be able to create DivX Plus HD files for free after the trial

2010-03-18, 07:43 AM
any extra little goodies like spyware or toolbars?

As noted they try to sneak by the Norton thing. I was annoyed because you had to uncheck it or it would have installed.

Very frustrating. If I wanted Norton, then I would have downloaded.

Sadly, it also places three icons on your desktop. Once again it does not ask.

2010-03-18, 06:10 PM
Windows 7 does NOT support .mkv out of the box, but it DOES support .m2ts (commonly called AVCHD). I use VLC to play .mkv,.m2ts & .mp4 HD video files. For the record both Windows Media Player (in Windows 7) and PowerDVD 8 Ultra and above support .m2ts/AVCHD files as well. DivX supports and converts .mkv but I can never get .mkv files with multichannel audio (AC3 5.1 or DTS 5.1) to play sound.

Any news on how long this bundle will be free? I bought the DivX "Create" bundle a few years back and it was $29.99 and included everything that's now being offered as free.