: ATI 3850 to HDTV

2010-03-12, 09:32 AM
I would like to connect my ATI 3850 PC display card to my HDTV (Samsung LN32B460) as a secondary display.
The adapters that came with the card are as follows...

DVI-I Dual to VGA.
S-Video to RCA.
S-Video to RGB Component.

The cable length required is 15-20 ft.

The TV has a VGA input.

The ATI 3850 is HDTV capable.
I would like to use this capability.

Which would be the best way - taking both cost and cable length restrictions into account - to make the connection?


2010-03-12, 10:41 AM
There is supposed to be an ATI dongle that converts the DVI output to a HDMI one. Not sure if it carries sound though. I bought a 4670 fanless with native HDMI output to ensure true HDMI out.

2010-03-12, 05:10 PM
You may buy a DVI to HDMI cable.

2010-03-12, 07:38 PM
That's exactly what I've decided to do.

2010-03-12, 09:09 PM
The ATI branded DVI-HDMI dongle will provide audio, any other adaptor will not.

2010-03-13, 01:09 AM
Even on the 3850? I can't remember if that's something they added just to the 4xxx series or not.

2010-03-18, 12:42 AM
This might be a better solution than a dongle: