: Panasonic VT25 3D Plasma TV Reviewed

2010-03-12, 09:10 AM
HDGuru has reviewed the Panasonic TCP-50VT20 50-inch plasma, DMP-BT300 Blu-ray player. These are derivative models exclusive to Best Buy and Magnolia, but nearly identical to the 50VT25 display and BT350 disc player.

According to HD Guru, the 50VT20 is an excellent 2D performer with “VIVID” mode facilitating infinite black levels (blacks measured at 0 IRE), and calibrated black level measuring an impressive 8097.5:1, blacks stay black while colors pop and brightness shines.

The site was also impressed with the 3D performance, saying cross talk and ghost images were nonexistent. Some flicker was present when 96hz mode was forced, but not in the recommended 120hz mode. The 3D image was reportedly even brighter and more vivid than theater-based 3D content.

Review link (http://hdguru.com/panasonic-tc-p50vt20-3d-hdtv-hd-guru-exclusive-first-review/1391/)

2010-03-12, 05:44 PM
As far as being much brighter, it does make sense. The difference can be seen when we go from 50 inch plasma to 144 inch projected image. I'm sure it must make a huge difference on picture brightness through the glasses.

Can't wait to see the FS demos when they come available in our area.

2010-03-27, 03:20 PM
The G25's are listed in Futureshop's inventory system already but the VT's are not, I wonder if these will be reserved for the high end boutique CE stores like Advance in Winnipeg. Or maybe they will just have a later release date.