: How to setup harddrive on htpc

2010-03-11, 01:43 AM
Hello, I'm new to this & searching info. I'm setting up my htpc with 2 harddrives (i heard this is better). I want to put my os on the first drive WD 120GB, & use 2nd Hitachi 1tb strictly for recorded shows. How would I set this up? would I set the first drive as the primary, & the 2nd as the slave, & all the info automatically would get recorded on the 2nd drive or am I wrong. Also is the 120GB HDD enough space for OS?

Thank you

2010-03-11, 07:41 AM
What operating system are you using? Are these separate physical drives or just two logical drives? Are the drives eSata?

2010-03-11, 08:48 AM
I think the OP is talking about two physical drives. I'm also guessing IDE since the concept of master/slave doesn't apply to SATA.

120G is more than enough for the OS. When you install two drives in the computer each one will get assigned a different drive letter so you would need to configure the S/W you are using to record on the 1G drive.

Michael DeAbreu
2010-03-11, 12:49 PM
They must be SATA since IDE drives top out at 500GB and Hitachi lists only 1TB SATA drives. I'd install the WD 120GB and OS first so it is the C:\ drive, then add the 1TB drive. In Windows 7 he can use the "Disk Management" tool to reassign the drive letters if necessary.