: Wanted Wireless Phone Forum Moderators

2010-03-09, 03:50 PM
Digital Home is looking for some additional moderators to help out with the ever increasing volume of members around here.

One need is for moderators in our new Wireless phone forum. The forum should be moderated by someone very familiar with the respective wireless provider with the following qualifications:


Has been with Digital Home for at least six months;
Has been posting regularly during that time and made a positive contribution;
Has never been issued an infraction or considered to have engaged in anything less than a positive manner;
Understands the Goals of the Digital Forum (see below);
Has a desire to help out.

What is the moderator's role?

A good moderator will be a good host by occasionally starting some new threads to get the conversation going and to contribute now and then to people who are asking questions. The moderator is there to facilitate conversation.

The second part of being a good moderator is to be a fair host and to make sure folks don't break the rules of the forum which are articulated here (http://www.digitalhome.ca/forum/showthread.php?t=3746 ) .

How much time is required?

A fair bit! Digital Home is really growing and the number of posts is increasing all the time which means moderators must regularly patrol their forum. A few minutes each day allows you to check in and make sure that nothing untoward is happening.

The critical point is that you need to visit the site daily. If you are going to be a away from the forums for awhile, then you need to let the other moderators know to keep a special watch on your forum. Moderators who don't show up regularly are asked to return to being regular members.

How much does it pay?

Financially - nothing. This is about being part of a Special Interest group and being a respected member of that group.

How do I learn?

Learning to be a moderator is relatively straightforward. Our advice is to hang low for a few weeks and get the hang of things. We have a moderator’s forum where you can ask questions and where we'll note any bad behavior. Generally new moderators send me a message containing the URL of a thread if they have any doubt about what to do.

What I'm looking for in a moderator

Ideally, I'm looking for thread starters and question answerers: People who want to share new ideas and help out. Different moderators have different levels of involvement. I like more moderators because it reduces the workload on everyone else.

If you are interested in becoming a moderator

If you would like to become a moderator, I would ask that you send me your full name, address and a contact phone number to me in a private message letting me know you are interested and tell me what interests you about becoming a moderator and your level of knowledge in that forum.


Once I find a potential moderator, I post their name on our moderators forum and invite feedback from our moderators so the decision can take a few weeks.

Goals of the Forum

I should note the Goals of the Digital forum since many people get confused about this.

The goal of the Digital forum is to develop a community of individuals who want to engage in a two-way discussion. I want members who want to discuss technology, ask questions and give answers. If all you do is ask questions and never help others then I will "discourage" your participation on the forum.

To be successful for me, the forum must avoid the "more members is better" notion. I would prefer fewer members who contribute than more members who simply drain the forum by asking a lots of questions and leaving or members who only spew negativity and troll forums.

Our rules are pretty consistent with most forums. I think the difference is that we do a pretty good job enforcing those basic rules.

In reviewing the moderation and rules of what I would call "successful" forums, I have been struck with how their rules are often much more stringent than ours.

About Digital Home

Digital Home is owned and operated by Hugh Thompson. I am the website programmer, systems administrator, content creator and janitor. The site currently takes up about 60 hours a week of my time and is a full-time position for me.

I am extremely grateful for the additional help that comes from the dedicated volunteer effort of our moderators whose assistance ensures the forums are well moderated.

Digital Home is a private, for profit website, that relies on advertising for its revenues. The site attracts between 400,000 and 500,000 unique visitors every month.