: Motorola Highly Recommends Buying An HTC?

2010-03-05, 01:43 PM

We understand there is a community of developers interested in going beyond Android application development and experimenting with Android system development and re-flashing phones. For these developers, we highly recommend obtaining either a Google ADP1 developer phone or a Nexus One, both of which are intended for these purposes. At this time, Motorola Android-based handsets are intended for use by consumers and Android application developers, and we have currently chosen not to go into the business of providing fully unlocked developer phones. (http://community.developer.motorola.com/t5/MOTODEV-Blog/Custom-ROMs-and-Motorola-s-Android-Handsets/bc-p/4290#M432title=Custom)

2010-03-05, 01:46 PM
THIS is good news to know if your like me and get board of your phone before your 3 years is up... thanks to developers my current diamond wich came with WM6.1 is now running WM6.5.x and Andriod..... These developers put new life into my phone and feel i can hold off now till the end of my 3 year term to get a discounted phone. :)

Milestone had my juices flowing but this news makes me reconsider it as a choice in the near future.