: Line in Middle of Screen - SD Channels Only

2010-03-04, 10:26 AM
Recently I have had an issue with a faint vertical line in the middle of the screen on my Pioneer 50" Plasma. It only happens on the SD channels. It is not all the time, but definitely a lot of time. It is probably a few mms wide, and it seems to depend on what the content/color is on the screen.

It happens in either full screen stretched or regular black box. The HD channels are perfect. I have changed the hookup from my Starchoice 505 satellite receiver (dvi to hdmi). That did not correct it. Starchoice came out and changed the LNB on my dish, that did not correct. They stated I was receiving excellent signal strength, although the SD channels look horrible.

Wondering if it could be the receiver? I would think if it was the TV, the HD channels would be the same. But the line never shows up on HD channels. Just wondering if anyone else has had similar issues. Thank you for your help!


2010-03-04, 10:41 AM
I suspect it is your stb.

But to be certain I suggest you
1) Try using component cables to test.
2) Try to switch to a different HDMI input.
3) Test what happens if you watch an HD channel but change the stb's output to 480p (assuming that you can do this on your Starchoice stb)

If the stb is a rental, or if you purchased it and it is under warranty, and it is not your TV, then you should ask for an exchange.