: Soundbridge/Beresford Caiman DAC and 24bit/96khz files

2010-02-24, 01:27 AM
Problem/challenge I have:


Mac computer running iTunes
via ethernet
to Roku Soundbridge
Coaxial digital out to
Bereford Caiman DAC
analog audio out to Cambridge 640 integrated amp

All files ripped from CD to Apple Lossless (ALAC) by iTunes at 16bit/44.1khz. All play fine

I then purchased some hi-res FLAC files (24bit/96khz and 88khz) from HDTracks.com. I then used XLD to convert them to ALAC files of the same bitrate and exported into my iTunes Lossless library. Played through my Mac Pro computer using Bose (I KNOW!!!!) Companion 5 speakers, they play just fine.

However, via the Soundbridge and home stereo, they crash the soundbridge, which then restarts automatically. I also have Firefly running, and have switched the library to my Lossless library. I am about to try this, but does anyone have any tips? My research suggests that the Soundbridge may only play 16 bit files? Is this correct? Do I need to get a Squeezebox Touch to be able to play 24 bit files? Tks.

The Beresford DAC is supposed to support files up to 24 bit/196kbps.

Edit to add: tried the Firefly hitw 24bit/96kbps file. That crashed the SB as well...Any ideas if I can get these to play, or so I need to re-convert and downres the files? I really wanted to hear if there was a material difference with the high res files over ripped CD's. I can't find info on the Roku website as the Soundbridge is now discontinued.

Thanks in advance for suggestions.