: Non smart phone Unlimited browsing

2010-02-20, 10:33 AM
I currently have HTC touch with bell that has unlimited browsing for about $7, are there other newer touch phones available with better displays with any service provider? Is smart phone browsing that much better?

2010-02-20, 10:50 AM
The difference isn't so much smart phones vs stupid phones as 2G vs 3G. Every phone will be different for browsing depending on the controls and the browser.

Where you will notice a big difference is 2G vs 3G. 3G (and 3G+) phones are MUCH faster for web browsing, but you pay much more for data. I believe the only provider in Canada right now to offer unlimited browsing on 3G is Wind (and they have issues with blacklisted ports right now).

If you can, try downloading Opera Mini to your phone. It made a huge difference on my non-smart phone.

2010-02-20, 11:30 AM
fido also offered unlimited internet regardless of technology choice as well. key word OFFERED, in a past tense phraise.

2010-02-20, 11:46 AM
Telus has the 3g touchscreen Samsung advance in their mobile phone section (not smart phone), does that mean you can get unlimited browsing? Does Rogers have the same option with any of their phones?

2010-02-20, 08:17 PM
I think the best deal for unlimited browsing from Rogers is the Nokia 5800. It's got the biggest touchscreen for a non-smartphone. Other contenders would be the Samsung Forever, Samsung Flight, LG Pop (2G only), and LG Xenon, all of which qualify for the unlimited browsing plan.