: who's in your favorite 5?

2010-02-19, 09:12 AM
Just wondering.... got a new phone (iPhone) and have the national favorite 5 as one of my features, and curious to see who DHC's picked to put on their fav 5?

I really don't talk on the cell phone all that much, I'm a driving commuter without a bluetooth handsfree device at present... so it hasn't been an issue yet to set up my Fav 5.... The Fav 5 also includes free text, which is good, as I don't have any prepaid txts on my plan.

So Here's my projected list.....

1. Home VOIP or one of my 2 sisters.
2. Wife's cell (almost always has it, as it's her main contact number at our kids school)
3. Mom's cell (surprisingly she carries it more with her), and she always calls me with little questions
4. Wife's Brother's cell
5. One of my 2 sisters cell

My parents and my inlaws both cottage on Lake Muskoka, and neither place has a landline, so I could see using the phone more on the weekends in the summer to txt to get travel ETA's, arrange dinner etc.

Who'd you put in?

2010-02-19, 08:18 PM
Have a share-plan with spouse, who always forwards mobile to home land line (old habits dies hard) so that eliminates one option (all calls between us within Canada are free).

1. mother; home land line, LD
2. mother-in- law & sister-in-law (live together); home land line, local
3. sister/brother-in-law; home land line, LD
4. sister-in-law/brother-in-law; mobile, local
5. buddy; home land line LD

Making the best use of the LD option, if included in favourites, can save a lot of money.

2010-02-20, 12:30 AM
1. Mrs. Nuje
2. Co-worker 1 (we're both home-office workers)
3. Head office
4. Boss's cell
5. Yak long-distance access number (dial it first, then dial any number in Canada/USA and talk as long as I want for $.03/minute)

2010-02-20, 03:39 PM
1. 1-900-big-XXXX
2. 1-900-nice-XXX
3. 1-900-Hot-xxxx
4. 1-900-your-mom
5. 1-900-XXX-body


2010-02-22, 10:20 AM
5. Yak long-distance access number (dial it first, then dial any number in Canada/USA and talk as long as I want for $.03/minute)

interesting..... any monthly fees for this service?


2010-02-22, 11:40 PM
Nope - each month, I just get a $7.26 (or whatever) charged to my pre-authorized card, along with the statement. No extra charges.

I used to have Yak as my long distance provider, but I haven't for a long time; I'm not sure if it's necessary to have another Yak service to get that "YakCell" set up and going.