: SlingPlayer Mobile App for 3G now on iTunes Canada

2010-02-16, 03:54 PM
Sling Media this week released a 3G enabled version of its SlingPlayer Mobile app for the Apple iPhone. The software application is the mobile equivalent of the Sling Player software which lets users remotely control their Slingbox Solo, Pro or Pro-HD.

Slingplayer Version 1.2 is available from the iTunes Canada app store and costs $30. The app will only work with the SlingBox Solo, Pro or Pro-HD and will not work with older Slingbox devices such as the Slingbox Classic, AV and Tuner.

jean luc picard
2010-02-16, 04:03 PM
yay!! who wants to calculate how fast you can now burn through your 1 gig data plan? it's gotta be like a few hours.

edit: 7.4 hours at 300kbps i thinks.

2010-02-16, 09:47 PM
SlingPlayer 1.2 for iPhone is working fine with my Slingbox Classic (the first box they sold).

Edit: Actually, I just checked, and it's version 1.3 of the SlingPlayer iPhone software that's on my iPhone and streaming my Classic via 3G just fine.

jean luc picard
2010-02-17, 08:39 AM
yeah it may work with older slingboxes, but its not officially supported. i have a sling tuner myself, but i'm not too interested in paying $30 to find out if it works or not. not that i care if it did. unless you have a long commute to work or are travelling, I fail to see the use of this.