: Ottawa refuses to release Globalive decision documents

2010-02-09, 10:20 AM
The federal government has refused to release documents that may reveal how it came to its controversial decision on Globalive Wireless Management Corp., court filings show. (http://www.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/ottawa-refuses-to-release-globalive-decision-documents/article1459676/)

Public Mobile Inc., which intends to launch cellphone service later this year, has asked the Federal Court to provide clarity on a move many feel altered Canada's strictly regulated telecommunications industry by permitting some form of foreign ownership.

2010-02-10, 08:05 PM
The Public Mobile request never stood a chance. Briefing notes for Cabinet are always confidential and the current government is not one that would make an exception to the rule, especially now that is is being challenged in court

An attorney speaking for Telus, commented that the failure of the request makes little or no difference as the case needs to be argued on "the law" and not what advice Tony Clement was or was not given.