: Superchannel to Rural BC areas?

2010-01-31, 02:51 PM
Anyone know if Shaw is planning on offering Superchannel to more areas in BC? I know Vancouver has it, but it's not currently offered in 100 Mile House. I called and the tech says "It's selectable" but it just doesn't come through, nor does it show on the "Channels in your area" on the shaw site.

2010-01-31, 04:52 PM
Sorry, I have no inside information. Here Superchannel is channels 161 to 164 and the High Def versions are 228 and 229. I noticed it's the same in Edmonton. So, if and when it is added it will probably be on those channels in your area as well.

I am currious to know what the tech means by 'selectable'. Maybe they are in the process of adding it?