: HD tv for SD viewing

2010-01-29, 10:41 AM

I am planning to buy a HD TV in the next couple of months for my small (12' x 12') room. The viewing distance will be about 13' max and 5' min. I will be hooking this TV up to a Bell 3100 receiver via s-video for the foreseeable future. I have no plans to switch to HD as the house I live in is rented and I plan on buying a new house in a couple of years.

Can anyone comment on the quality of the SD viewing on the set that I am planning on purchasing?

I am looking at a Dynex 37' LCD Model No. dxl3710a.

If there are better suggestion, please make them. My budget for this purchase is $700.00 plus tax (13% HST) max.


2010-01-29, 11:22 AM
Just remeasured my max viewing distance -- 10' not 13'.

2010-01-29, 12:22 PM

I was wondering how you'd manage 13' viewing distance in a 12' room. ;-)

2010-01-29, 12:56 PM

TV in one corner, chair in the other-- Diagonal set up.

2010-01-29, 01:03 PM
Fixed-pixel displays aren't ideal for SD TV viewing, but at 10' from a 37" TV you'll probably be alright. I sit ~12'-13' from my 46" Sony KDL-46V4100 (LCD, 1080p, 60Hz) and I find SD PQ to be acceptable. It's better on some channels than on others but, overall, it's alright.

2010-01-29, 01:38 PM
For SD viewing, a proper setup of the HDTV can be quite important, although the quality of the original signal is the most important. See the following FAQ on SD PQ. Some of the items don't apply for this application, but some do.


2010-01-29, 05:44 PM
IMHO, rather than the Dynex, i've seen Sharpe, LG & Samsung 40" 60Hz TV's for 699 on boxing days sales. Look and ask and you can still find good pricing. I'd stick with a brand name.
As for SD picture, it will only be SD quality, doesn't much matter what you play it on, its not going to look like HD.

Mike Osadciw
2010-01-30, 05:24 PM

From a 10" viewing distance, the 480i/p image on a 37" won't be objectional. An issue I'd be more concerned about would be distorting/cropping the incoming 4:3 signals to make it fit on your 16:9 display. This will introduce an increased loss of resolution and image artefacts unless left in "normal" 4:3 mode...the trade off being smaller viewing area.

2010-01-30, 06:44 PM
From a 10" viewing distance, the 480i/p image on a 37" won't be objectional.

I really hope you meant 10 feet, not 10 inches :eek:. Because at that distance, I'd want at least 1080p!

Mike Osadciw
2010-01-31, 09:54 AM
LOL... yes Cooper, 10 FEET. At 10" we'd see sub-pixels!


2010-02-01, 01:41 PM
If you know you won't be going HD for a couple of years yet, I'd search Craigslist for a good second hand 27-36" CRT.

You can find sets that were top-of-the-line only a few years ago for well under $200, and picture quality will likely exceed what you'll get watching SD material on an HD set.