: December 2009 US car and light truck sales numbers

Walter Dnes
2010-01-07, 02:16 AM
From article http://seekingalpha.com/article/181195-ford-leads-the-way-in-december-auto-sales here are numbers by manufacturer, and December 2009 versus December 2008

GM 208,511 -6.1%
Toyota 187,860 +32.3%
Ford 184,655 +32.8%
Honda 107,143 +24.5%
Chrysler 86,523 -3.7%
Nissan 73,404 +18.2%
Daimler 20,889 +0.2%
Volkswagen 20,387 +18.2%

A note about GM; for the next 10 months or so the year-to-year numbers will look bad, because GM are getting rid of Hummer/Pontiac/Saab/Saturn. GM's "4 core brands" group (Chevrolet/Buick/Cadillac/GMC) actually showed a slight gain versus December 2008. The December 2009 (and possibly early January 2010) fire sales of Hummer/Pontiac/Saab/Saturn will be the last hurrah for those models. Toyota and Ford will surpass GM soon.

This is not necessarily bad for GM. The "lose money on every sale, but make up for it in volume" approach doesn't work. GM is trying to make a profit. If that requires amputating some of its models, and falling to number 3 in North American sales, so be it.