: Which multi-switch

2009-12-25, 07:24 AM

I have starchoice/shaw elliptical dish with quad LNB and two cables coming in from LNB. At present both cables are directly connected to two DSR505. I am planning to buy another 505. I was told that I don't need to run another cable from LNB to hookup another 505 and can be achieved using a multi-switch. Let me know what switch(s) to use.


2009-12-25, 08:52 AM
The easiest way to add a receiver is to run a third line from the quad LNB. All 4 cables are needed to make a multiswitch work. Multiswitch is only needed if you have more than 4 tuners. You can get a Zinwell WB68 multiswitch very cheap on eBay. The nice thing about this multiswitch is that it does not need an external power supply.

2009-12-25, 02:40 PM
I took the advice from this group to use the Zinwell W68 and it works well. It can be mounted out at the dish or inside at a convenient cable distribution point. There are lots of them available on ebaY for a low price, many of them brand new.

You need all four runs from the LNB to the multiswitch (even if you are only using three tuners/receivers) and then a run from the multiswitch to each receiver (two to each PVR).

2009-12-25, 03:12 PM
In your situation, the easiest thing to do is simply run a third line to the new receiver. No switch required.

You need four lines for a multiswitch from dish to switch. Not required (yet)

2010-01-02, 11:57 PM
Speaking of the Zinwell Multiswitch, does anyone know off hand what the difference is between the WB68 and the MS6x8WB-Z?

After looking at both manuals briefly, I am not seeing any obvious difference in the specs. The MS6x8WB-Z has rubber boots on each input/output to make it more weatherproof AND the protective caps on each connector changed from clear to black. I find it hard to believe that they completely changed the model number because of that.

Both models seem to indicate that they will support MPEG-4. Does that automatically imply that both models will do DVB-S2? Any thoughts?

2010-01-03, 12:01 AM
I have the WB68, it came with rubber boots and screw on plugs too. I'm sure DVB-S2 is not be a problem for either switch. I bought mine for less than $30.00 on e bay including shipping.