: Sierra Wireless 306 Signal Trouble

2009-12-24, 11:19 PM
I have a Sierra Wireless 306 but I am unable to get reception anywhere near my house, inside and outside. Yet my neighbor is able to receive 2 bars but he is half a kilometer away from me... cottage country. There is a mountain which could be the problem, so if I put a poll above the house it should be fine (I did this with a bag phone years ago).

So my question is what type of equipment (antenna, booster, cables, and adapters) would I need to get a 3g signal when I cant get a single bar. I realize it could be pricey but that's fine.

Also from the bag phone I have some old coax cable with a FME N connector on it, could I use any of that for the 3g equipment?

Thanks and happy holidays.