: OTA Station Status: Seattle, Tacoma, Bellingham WA

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2009-02-11, 12:34 AM
Just wondering if anyone else is finding the volume level of KVOS very high. Whenever I switch to 12.1 I'm hitting the volume button way down.:confused:

2009-02-11, 07:40 PM
After changing through the stations I get in DTV I find no real jump from one to the other inc KVOS.

2009-02-12, 12:01 AM
I forgot to mention that this big volume variation on KVOS is only via the optical connection from my 9200 or 9242 Bell boxes to my A/V receiver.

2009-02-15, 12:31 AM
I see messages scrolling across the bottom of programs on KVOS that they are going digital on the 17th, as originally planned, and will be turning their analogue transmitter down at that time.


2009-02-18, 11:43 PM
Just wondering if anyone else is finding the volume level of KVOS very high. Whenever I switch to 12.1 I'm hitting the volume button way down.:confused:
I can confirm that KVOS volume is much higher than other DTV channels. Also, I noticed that they are broadcasting audio in 2 channel Dolby Digital format.

2009-02-26, 05:32 PM
I'm currently using a CM 4228 from North Vancouver and can usually get good OTA reception of KCPQ-Fox DT, KIRO-CBS DT, and KTBW-Christian DT, and interestingly analogue KONG-Ind - although it is somewhat grainy. A lot of it is dependendent on atmosphere - overcast days seem generally better .

My question is really to those who have built Gray-Hovermann antennas - especially the double-bay varieties - are they able to get reliable reception of all of the Seattle digital stations? If so, which model would they recommend building? Or would the recommendation be to wait until after the digital cutoff in June to see if reception improves?

2009-02-27, 01:19 AM
It sounds like you live not at the bottom of the hill there nor the top and from what I recall your kinda stuck in the basin that runs from broardway. Yea it is low for the sea tac stuff and maybe so for the hd how ever you are getting them better from the n shore than you did before, I would get a long coax extention and methodicly walk the antenna around your place trying scans for the N Shore stuff and see it a new location would give that little extra boost.

2009-03-14, 02:14 PM
The Seattle market has some changes to their subchannels.
2.1 58.1 CBUT-DT CBC Vancouver, BC
4.1 38.1 KOMO-DT ABC Seattle, WA
5.1 48.1 KING-DT NBC-HD Seattle, WA
5.2 48.2 KING-DT Universal Sports Seattle, WA
7.1 39.1 KIRO-DT CBS Seattle, WA
7.2 39.2 KIRO-DT RTN Seattle, WA
8.1 22.2 CHAN-DT GLOBAL Vancouver, BC
9.1 41.1 KCTS-DT PBS Seattle, WA
9.2 41.2 KCTS-DT V-ME Seattle, WA
9.3 41.3 KCTS-DT CREATE Seattle, WA
11.1 36.1 KSTW-DT CW Seattle, WA
12.1 35.1 KVOS-DT IND Bellingham, WA
13.1 18.1 KCPQ-DT FOX Tacoma, WA
13.2 18.2 KCPQ-DT WTHR Tacoma, WA
16.1 31.1 KONG-DT IND Everett, WA
16.2 31.2 KONG-DT IND Everett, WA
20.1 14.1 KTBW-DT TBN Tacoma, WA
20.2 14.2 KTBW-DT Church Channel Tacoma, WA
20.3 14.3 KTBW-DT JCTV Tacoma, WA
20.4 14.4 KTBW-DT Enlance Tacoma, WA
20.5 14.5 KTBW-DT Smile of a Child Tacoma, WA
22.1 25.1 KMYO-DT My Seattle, WA
24.1 19.1 KBCB-DT IND Bellingham, WA
28.1 27.1 KBTC-DT PBS Tacoma, WA
28.2 27.2 KBTC-DT CREATE Tacoma, WA
28.3 27.3 KBTC-DT PBS Tacoma, WA
28.4 27.4 KBTC-DT PBS Tacoma, WA
32.1 33.1 CIVT-DT CTV Vancouver, BC
45.1 44.1 KHCV-DT AMGTV Seattle, WA
45.2 44.2 KHCV-DT AZTCA Seattle, WA
45.3 44.3 KHCV-DT AAT Seattle, WA
45.4 44.4 KHCV-DT MBCD Seattle, WA
50.1 50.1 KUNS-DT UNVSN Bellevue, WA

Also should the list include rebroadcasters of stations? CHAN has CHAN-6 in Nanaimo which is receivable in some parts of Delta, Richmond and Vancouver.

2009-03-14, 02:21 PM
should the list include rebroadcasters of stations? CHAN has CHAN-6 in Nanaimo which is receivable in some parts of Delta, Richmond and Vancouver.That's a good point - I first ran into that in the Ottawa stations list so I added an extra column for that list that indicates which site the locals broadcast from.

If anyone wants to contribute some of the local retransmitters (I can pick up Global on analogue 23, for instance) go ahead and reply here, but they have to be commonly seen in the Vancouver area.


2009-03-15, 08:58 PM
is the current state of what is available OTA in Vancouver what is here to stay (in regards to american digital channels anyways) or are there stations that will be putting up digital signals or increasing their power in Northern washington in the next years to come?

specifically, I am asking about the possibility of signals NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, PBS that are more easily receivable in Vancouver. Is seattle the only source we have for these signals, or are there some small north washington towns closer to us who will be putting up repeaters supplying the HD signal of these major networks to vancouver?

2009-03-15, 09:38 PM
I believe Venture Technologies has several LPTV applications on channel 65, and 54 and has a 100 watt station on 38. Originally, 38 was supposed to be a 150 kW station aimed directionally at Vancouver. I'm not sure if they have assigned DTV channels, if they do they could be used to rebroadcast the American stations.

Venture also has KBCB which is currently running ShopNBC and could be easily converted to a translator or KING, KOMO, KIRO, etc.

2009-03-15, 09:52 PM
you speak more of whether it is 'technically' possible for repeaters of these stations. I was hoping to find out what the 'realstic' chances are of repeaters being setup to broadcast KING, KONG, KOMO, KIRO into vancouver?

2009-03-15, 10:15 PM
KBCB could be easily be flipped to a repeater for KING for example, but I think they have a contract with ShopNBC, so I doubt anytime soon.

2009-03-15, 10:18 PM
Venture and Concord are 2 companies that have been doing what gi32tgilkg mentions. Both of those companies specialize(d) in grabbing up spectrum space all over the U.S. in the hopes of making a resale or sublease to Low Power stations. Time and time again their supposed applications have gone nowhere as partners/buyers/lessees could not be lined up. In today's economic turmoil I doubt we'll see much new from them.

2009-03-16, 12:23 AM
the reason i am bringing this up, is that I would like to have access to NBC during the olympics. I won't just want CTV coverage, but american coverage as well. Maybe we can write KBCB and ask that they broadcast a subchannel repeating KING for the olympics.

2009-03-16, 12:04 PM
No subs anytime soon they don't have the hardware setup for that.
They had the contract again renewed for two years this last Feb.
When they had some multicultural stuff a couple of years ago CRTC made such a fuss they stopped that right away hence now shopping channel.
It seems there is so much more to it than just doing the easy steps to getting repeaters up but I too looked into the question of KBCB doing something and well here it is still shopping 24 7 for the most part.:)

2009-03-16, 02:46 PM
The CRTC got involved in the programming of a U.S. station because there was Canadian fundraising, sales, and supposedly some Canadian silent ownership too in KBCB from someone in Vancouver's Chinese community, from what I heard back then. Not sure if that's factual though, but it might explain what happened.

2009-05-08, 03:44 PM
Sorry if this has been covered in this thread but is anyone in Delta (Tsawwassen) able to receive Universal Sports (chan 5.2) from Seattle?

2009-05-08, 04:42 PM
Sorry if this has been covered in this thread but is anyone in Delta (Tsawwassen) able to receive Universal Sports (chan 5.2) from Seattle?
Digital channel 5.2 is a subchannel of KING uhf 48 from Seattle.
Search through the Sea-Tac reception forums here. If you have a clear Southern view with good height you may do ok with a DBGH.

2009-05-08, 05:04 PM
I'm in North Vancouver with a fairly clear line-of-sight
south, using an ampliied 4228 Channel-Master. I can
consistently get Kiro and Fox from Seattle, with occasional
loss of signal. Using the ATSC tuner on my FTA satellite
box - (but surprisingly not with the ATSC tuner built into
my TV set), I manage to get
Seattle King 5.1 and the sports subchannel 5.2
reliably only on most clear nights. I suspect this
will improve - or at least I have my fingers crossed - after
the June 12 analogue cut-off date. I'm curious, however,
if anyone with a DB Gray-Hoverman is getting all the
Seattle Stations reliably from the lower Mainland.