: Media Center Xbox360 Extender working on a Rogers 4250HD box?

2009-12-01, 04:35 PM
Need help badly as Im losing my mind trying to get this to work.

I have a computer in my basement that just runs media center for my xbox 360 in living room. It has a Digital HD tuner and a analog tuner in it right now. Iv been having rogers cable in my analog and using a ATSC antenna to pick up HD stations to my Digital tunner. Everything was working fine until I decided to pick up the Rogers 4250HD box so I can get the HD channels for free so i only have to use one tunner and upgrade to Windows 7 Has XP and Vista are the only ones you can modify to work both Canada stations and USA antenna stations.

Problem I cant get it to work. Right now I have COAX into the analog tunner But im asuming I wont recieve HD channels? The information is being recieved through the coax so I dont understand why you cant output through the coax into a tv or tuner? Also If I hook the digital box to the Digital tuner it doesnt pick up anything.

Do I really need the media center IR reciever thing to set this up as im not using the computer but the xbox360 to control everything.

Sorry really confused on this and need help. Whats proper way of setting up and what else do I need?

Thanks in advance.

2009-12-01, 05:07 PM
Discussed many times around here so please search.

In a nutshell, HD Channels are encrypted digital signals which must first be decoded by your HD digital Box and then output via analog cables or digital cables.