: HandBrake 0.9.4 (and alternatives) discussion

2009-11-25, 04:30 PM
Handbrake 0.9.3 just turned a year old and although it's an excellent .VOB to H.264 encoder it's feeling a little long in the tooth. It does support multiple audio tracks (AAC, AC3, directors comments) very well. (A typical 62% CBR AppleTV encoding with AAC & AC3 audio is about 1G per hour which is very good IMO)

Strangely all the retail encoder software support only a single audio track (and some make very large files even on medium quality 1.6G per hour AAC only audio)

Can anyone recommend any commercial transcoders with multiple audio track support and a modern H.264 / X.264 engine for the PC?

2009-11-27, 01:16 PM
HandBrake 0.9.4 Released With a Whopping 1,000 Changes

by Lisa Hoover - Nov. 25, 2009

Popular open source video transcoder project HandBrake saw a new release this week with a boatload of new features, changes, and improvements. Many of version 0.9.4's changes optimize the application for better picture quality and performance while others make using the tool to rip DVDs a much friendlier experience.http://ostatic.com/blog/handbrake-0-9-4-released-with-a-whopping-1-000-changes

Works on OS X, Linux, and Windows XP/Vista/7.

2009-12-06, 08:43 AM
Bump... I am looking for something like this as well. Trying to put all of my kids DVD'd on the network for the PS3 to play, and my wife wants both French and English audio tracks.

2009-12-06, 01:26 PM
Maybe you should try the new HandBrake with better x264 support! I find it easier to use.

2009-12-06, 02:26 PM
I just got it the other day, much better. I was playing with DVDFAB and it's also excellent, the fastest conversion I've ever seen, about 280 frames per second.

2009-12-06, 11:00 PM
Faster but is quality the same?
From what I recently read, x264 is currently the best quality at giving rate currently available. The x264 encoder is available as a CLI and any application using the encoder are just transfering the information you enter on the screen to the DOS command. So I suspect that if it is faster it is not x264 encoding.
But result could still be good, so if you have made some test, I would appreciate your input.

With HandBrake I did some tests with mkv and mp4 container. I decided to use mp4; it can contain different audio stream but I still have problems with subtitles as they come print on the image. Resulting image is as good as the dvd for a fifth of disk space with basic setup. I didn't really play with the x264 setting yet.

2009-12-07, 12:09 AM
The subtitles thing got me too. It defaults to burn in all subs vs forced. I do like the new Handbrake it's excellent I usually set the AppleTV encode to 62% and it looks fine on my 40"