: Anyone getting PSIP information in WinTV7?

2009-11-26, 10:55 AM
This is for Hauppauge users that are actually using their software WinTV for OTA reception.

I'm using it, but the only EPG info is the channel (virtual), call letters and rating. This is when I press Ctrl-o. I wrote to Hauppauge support, and they indicate that WinTV7 is capable of displaying so much more...yet when testing it on US stations (since Canadian ones are sometimes behind the times), I don't get much more than what I describe above. As well, most likely the channel and call letters are defined when channel scanning and not even via PSIP info.

Any help is appreciated.

2009-11-26, 11:45 AM
It works fine as it picks the extra US stuff then it remains simple it must not be there in a form it can read for Canadian stuff?

2009-11-26, 01:15 PM
It's not really picking up the US stuff though, that's the point. I totally understand and agree it not getting Canadian content as some of the Canadian broadcasters are behind the eight ball. But even for the US stations (which judging by other posts, have the PSIP data stream down pat), it only shows parental ratings, as the channel and call letters are acquired during the initial scan...as well as any Canadian channel picked up. I'm wondering too if the parental ratings are acquired by some the the WinTV settings...and not even from the PSIP data stream.

I was expecting to see more info displayed for the US stations, such as program title and times at the very minimum. This is what I've seen from other posters who have shown screen captures of their respected displays. I've also seen a post about TSReader, and how much PSIP data it can acquire. I've also trialled Blaze HDTV Player, and it too showed more detail acquired from the PSIP stream, so I know it is there. Judging by what Hauppauge support indicated, it should be able to display far more info, but I'm just wondering who has had success with this...even show a WinTV7 screen capture. Then I will know it is with my setup.

Thanks for responding.