: Guide for channels you're not "supposed" to get, MCE2005

2009-11-25, 09:24 PM
I'm in Toronto, told MCE2005 I was in Buffalo (long story familiar to some I am sure) and I'm overjoyed with the channels I get :p (OTA, 22 useful non-faith based etc). Buffalo stations are digital, Toronto stations analog, Rogers cable is a distant unsavory memory. ;)

I do not get guide listings for CityTV (analog 57) and a couple of the other Toronto channels that MCE2005 (or maybe it's zap2it) thinks I shouldn't get, as it believes I am in Buffalo. Is there a hack for this?

I should mention I'm aware of the hack where you tell MCE2005 you're in Canada & then import a registry key so you can add the digital channels (thank you Peter Nears - I was the 2nd poster on your "home" forum when you had that up) but I'm getting kinda tired of that one, I find it easier to tell MCE2005 I'm in Buffalo.