: Russound vs. Sonos?

2009-11-25, 11:36 AM
Not sure if this topic should go in this thread, but it is not really "Home Theatre" so not sure where it would fit.

I am in the process of building a home (basement, main floor, second floor and loft area) and I am looking at different home audio solutions. (Not really focussing on video distribution as I would likely just use some Apple TV units, if needed). I plan on putting in ceiling speakers in the major rooms and home running all of the speaker wire down to a central location in the basement. I would also propose to put volume control knobs on the wall in each room with speakers in the event I "group" in ceiling speakers from different rooms into a common "zone" but may not want sound in one room at a given time.

While I like the idea of some type of control panel on the wall, (that way it will never get mis placed) I also like the idean of having an independent control, (either like the Sonos controller) or an app that can run on a Touch or iphone and control the audio.

I have about 25 gb of music stored on a NAS and I don't currently subscribe to XM, bout would consider it. I also would like the ability to allow one of my kids upstairs to listen to something while I could listen to something different downstairs.

I was seriously considering a Sonos system but then someone said I should consider Russound as it has similar functionality, possibly similar price point but more importantly, allows for greater integration into a larger system (HAI, for example).

Any thoughts on Russound vs. Sonos as the audio component of what will hopefully be a relatively integrated system? (Thinking of Insteon for lighting, don't need to control drapes, blinds etc).


2009-11-25, 12:47 PM
Sonos all the way!! See this article (http://www.avguide.com/review/sonos-multi-room-music-system) for a good discussion on the relative merits.

(I have five Sonos zoneplayers, three Sonos controllers, four computers w/Sonos controller software. My theatre is tied to one zone. I use Lutron Spacer (http://www.lutron.com/CMS400/default.aspx?app=spacersystem) lighting control.)

2009-11-25, 12:56 PM
I don't know Russound and believe that Sonos is very good but, I would not rule out Logitech Squeezebox as they now have interesting integrated devices (like a boom box) that may be of interest to you (not discussed in the Sonos article). WiFi is a bit weak but if you are running wires, you may have a simple, cost-effective solution with Squeezebox.

2009-11-25, 01:28 PM
Sonos is very nice and will do exactly what you want but it can be expensive.

If you're more concerned with audio quality and cost then I would consider speakers hardwired to a multizone amp.

2009-11-25, 07:54 PM
I was in the same boat a few months ago. I haven't set it all up yet, but what I am doing is
1 Logitech squeezebox duet $349
5 Logitech squeezebox receivers 5 x $139
6 Audio Source Stereo Amps refurbished 6 x $69

I ran all the wiring down to the basement.

Right now I am just running two receivers right now until we get into the house, but I am really liking how it works.

The amps automatically turn on when music is fed through them and use little power in standby. Squeezebox software can run on a computer, a variety of NAS devices or they have an online site that you can run your stuff off that.

Over all I wanted something enjoyable without breaking the bank.

Hope that helps.