: Xtreamer

2009-11-17, 12:44 PM
Looking at picking one up... Reading some reviews, looks like a really good little machine!
Only problem would be getting it to Canada from the UK (190 CAD shipped - duties not included)

Not sure whether to grab this or pick up a popcorn a-110 or HDX for $40 more...

Any suggestions?


2009-11-17, 03:10 PM
Go for a WDTV Live instead. $169 at Best Buy or $139 at Canada Computers (currently back ordered).

Product link:


2009-11-17, 03:36 PM
If WD ever fixes the network issues I would pick one up in a heart beat...

I'd only be streaming, no USB stick and no external HDD.

I like the torrent client idea and the youtube (etc etc) capability as well on the others....

thx for the suggestion