: I'd like to stop cable, start using my HTPC.

2009-11-10, 09:21 AM
I'd like to stop my cable service, except for internet. I pay for HD service with Rogers Canada, and I rarely use it. Most of the programming is reruns, or old seasons and wasn't captured in HD or is not broadcast in HD. Programming that is in HD is compressed and ugly; 4:3 or some other format which I don't feel is worth the money. I'd like to visit the major networks' online sites and download content.

My experience with HTPCs is limited. At one time I installed an ATI All In Wonder in my PC and downloaded the local guide and was able to use a "guide/tv guide" type softwae to schedule recording a program and save it to the hard drive.

I now have a home network which includes: One main PC a dual core e6700, one media PC an old p4 2.4GHz, One PS3. I'm currently networked using a WRTG wireless router. The two PCs are hardwired with CAT5e to the router. The PS3 uses wireless, but I will soon be pulling another CAT5e and upgrading every box to suit a new Wireless N Gigabit router.

I'm about to start looking at Tversity. I've already had my media accessible using WMP 11 as a media server software on my private network.

What software/hardware solutions should I be looking at?

I am prepared to buy a dual tuner card. I am also prepared to pay one time for guide software that is aware, or that I can make aware of online content from. I don't really want to subscirbe to anything since my goal is to get rid of the monthly payment. I will pay monthly if I have to, and if the content is good enough. I expect all my TV to look like NFL, NHL, Survivor... though I'm not a sports fan, those are the examples of acceptable HD that rogers is broadcasting.

My Media requirements are few. I'll be ripping all of my kids' DVDs. I'd like to be able to rip blue ray discs since I have many of them. I don't think the PS3 will do that, so I bet I'll be buying a blue ray drive for my PC. I'd like to be able to record House (the show), Discovery channel, Heros, Documentaries, Treehouse or kids shows, ...and probably soaps for my wife... sheesh.

I'd appreciate any advice anyone can give to steer me in the right direction.

The end goal is to turn on the PS3 and use it to watch TV, surf, whatever. One button on. Easy for my wife and kids to use. All our media there in one interface. I'm not fixed on using the PS3 to interface, I will go through the media PC if I have to, but the PS3 is there.

Thanks to the community in advance.

2009-11-10, 09:47 AM
I am also interested in running a similar setup and am also trying to figure out how to configure my PC to do so. I recently installed an antenna to receive OTA which includes 90% of what we watch through Rogers.

Mark: where do you live and are you willing to install an antenna? You may be able to receive most of the network channels in HD, however some of the channels you mentioned such as Discovery and Treehouse are not available through OTA. I'm not sure if their programming is available through their websites.

2009-11-10, 10:48 AM
Honestly guys, this stuff is covered pretty thoroughly in multiple threads on this forum and the OTA forum.

Rather than starting another, what do I need thread, please investigate the stickies in this forum, in the OTA forum, in the Canadian Television forum and use the search functionality.

There are many threads discussing so if you have specific questions, please ask them in existing threads