: TRUE-HD 7.1 surround card for mac?

2009-11-09, 07:49 AM
Hi, ok my problem, i have been searching for about 8 months to find a surround card for the MAC pro, 2009 model i7 chipset that will will play , dobly True-HD master audio. I can not find any.

On the PC I am using the Asus-Xonar HDAV1.3 which is great for PC as it outputs unsampled trueHD. LPCM. but that is on a PC and I am more of a mac user..

is there any card out there.. price not inportant that will work with a MAC Pro and output true dolby HD master audio or LPCM with out down sampling it. i just want to pass the audio out of the MAC into my surround sound processor and let my surround processor do all the rest..

can anyone help me..

I do not care if it is a combined graphics are, or just an audio card.. just as long as it will output a true HD master audio stream..

thanks to anyone for the help .