: Iphone Lost/Stolen

2009-10-26, 01:54 PM
Is there anything I can do? I'm under contract to Fido and my Iphone was lost (most likely stolen). Is there any other way I could get another one without having to pay $600??

Also - is there a way to track the phone at all or have it blocked from anybody using it? It is a 3G 8GB btw.

Thank you!

2009-10-26, 02:00 PM
Have you called FIDO? What did they say.

Honestly, the longer you wait the more problems you may have.

2009-10-26, 02:07 PM
I had a LG Shine stolen about a month ago. The very first thing you need to do is call Fido and have your account suspended. That will block thieves from using your account.

Unfortunately, I didnt have any luck in replacing my phone. I had 1.5 years left on a 3 year contract. I have yet to do it but they offered a new phone for the 3 year contract price but my total contract date will be 4.5 years.

Also...you will continue to be billed monthly for your account even though the account is suspended.

I personally think this is a very poor way to treat the victim of a crime. The other option is to place it under your house insurance but most deducibles are 500.00 therefore saving you maybe 100.00 but I wouldnt go through the hassles for 100.00.

Sorry for your bad luck but the most important thing to do is step one. Suspend that account or you may be facing several hundreds of dollar usage charge and you cant dispute it either.

BTW: If the account is used after you report it stolen.....those charges you can dispute and they will be reversed.

Dont wait to suspend.


2009-10-26, 02:28 PM
If you're signed up with Mobile Me they now have a "Find My iPhone" and "Remote Wipe service".

2009-10-26, 02:54 PM
Check this out. The part I find intriguing is that a remote wipe takes 2+ hours. I guess that's understandable given that it's bitwashing the whole thing, but what if the battery dies first?


2009-10-26, 07:59 PM
thats another reason why i wont buy such a phone. a phone as pricey as an iphone also means its pricey to replace too if lost. and you will never get the same price you paid the first time if you were to replace it, due to it being subsidized heavily, thats the only downfall of subsidy, they are normally expensive. you can buy one second hand for 2-3 bills, but it wont be a GS, it will be a 3G.

2009-10-27, 03:00 PM
I know what you mean....I have two iPhones for the kids and I'm terrified that one will lose their phone. It's not the cost of the iPhone that scares me, it's the three year voice and three year data contract that I signed up for.