: onkyo 876 av problem

2009-09-29, 12:38 PM
hoping someone may be able to help i have onkyo 876 connected to samsung led dlp HL61A750 via hdmi cable.I have sd sat rec connected to 876 by svideo.I set the hdmi out to through put and i get a resolution error on the front of the 876.If i set the hdmi to source i still get a resolution error.I thought setting hdmi out to through means it pass the signal without upconverting?So how can i be getting resolution error?

2009-09-29, 12:41 PM
Some HDTVs do not accept 480i via HDMI. If that's the case here, you'll either need to upconvert the signal to 480p, 720P, 1080i in the AVR, or use an analogue connection from the AVR to the TV. See the following on HDMI issues:

http://www.digitalhome.ca/forum/showthread.php?t=71112 Item 23.

I'm not 100% sure this is your issue, but there's a list of things to check at the bottom of the HDMI FAQ too. I'm assuming that the Onkyo transcodes S-video to HDMI? (based on the specs, it appears to)

2009-09-29, 12:57 PM
thanks for the reply i think the problem must be on tv end because my av manual says i can go svideo to hdmi and since its set to through put it isnt upconverting anyting should be just passing signal

2009-09-29, 12:59 PM
Does the Onkyo allow you to upconvert the incoming analogue signals to say 1080i/P? If it does, then that may solve your problem, if the TV doesn't accept 480i via HDMI.

You could check if that's the case by connecting an HDMI device directly to the TV (DVD player, STB, etc) and try setting it to output 480i via HDMI - you should get an error or a blank screen, then don't change it to 480i, otherwise your device may need to be connected differently to change output format - depends on how the output format is changed on the device - a button or menu...

2009-09-29, 01:50 PM
If you switch the overall HDMI output to Source, you can go to the input for your SD satellite box and change it's video setting resolution to 1080i/p as 57 suggested...