: How do i do this ? (TV to AVR)

2009-09-10, 01:51 PM
Could you please help me , i have just bought an L.G.T.V. 32" LH3000 Model .

I had a tv before ( sony triniton ) and i used to connect the tv to the stereo using red and white ports that were on the back of the tv and the sound would come out of the stereo speakers .

But when i connect them to the new tv no sound comes out of the stereo speakers .

At the back of tv it says " Audio in ( RGB DVI ) "
and the other one says " optical digital audio out " do i need to get a cable that has the red and white connectors at one end , to go in to the stereo , and another sort of connector to go in to " optical digital audio out " or the one that reads" audio in ( RGB DVI ) "

Thanks for any advise , i am not good with things like this .

2009-09-10, 02:08 PM
According to the specs. (http://www.lge.com/uk/tv-audio-video/televisions/LG-lcd-tv-32LH3000.jsp), your new TV does not have analogue audio outputs. You could use a "digital audio-to-analogue stereo" converter - such as this one (http://www.svideo.com/digitalanalog.html) - or, if your receiver supports it, you could run your source (cable box, DVD, etc.) through your receiver for audio, and run video out to your TV.

2009-09-10, 02:17 PM
If your AVR (Audio Video Receiver) has an optical input, you could connect the optical output from the TV to the input on the AVR. You can't use the TV inputs, as they are inputs, not outputs.

One other option if you don't have an optical connection on the AVR is to use the TV's headphone jack and purchase a cable that converts the headphone output to the red/white analogue audio cables (Y-connector)

I looked at the specs on the TV and didn't see any analogue audio (red/white) outputs.

If you have devices connected to the TV, you could connect those directly to the AVR for audio as suggested by eljay.

See also the following FAQ relating the optical TV output...

http://www.digitalhome.ca/forum/showthread.php?t=17870 (bolding)

2009-09-10, 02:23 PM
ray0711, have you reviewed your owners manual. Honestly, I have not seen a television manual in the last 5 years that doesn't have a manual which shows diagrams of how to set up your television.

What does your manual say?

2009-09-10, 02:55 PM
First of all thanks to you guys , that was quick , i do have a manual , but as i said i am no good with these problems , as you said that my new tv has no analogue out puts , i mean the red and white ports , they are there and i just took it for granted that the red and white ports at back of tv are for connecting the tv to my stereo speakers . :(

So the red and white ports are for something else , ok guys , thanks and thanks again .

Raymond .

2009-09-10, 03:06 PM
Looking at a high-res pic of the back of the TV, I see:
- "AV IN" - composite video plus left+right (red+white) analogue audio inputs;
- "COMPONENT IN" - component video plus left+right analogue audio inputs;
- "HDMI / DVI IN" - HDMI (audio+video) and DVI (video only) inputs;
- "RGB IN (PC)" - a computer (video only) connection;
- "AUDIO IN (RGB/DVD)" - digital audio input from your PC or your DVD player;
- "OPTICAL DIGITAL AUDIO OUT" - digital audio output;
- "RS-232C IN (CONTROL & SERVICE)" - data connection;
- "ANTENNA / CABLE IN" - your cable connection.

The "red and white ports" are clearly labelled as inputs, not outputs.

2009-09-10, 03:09 PM
Thanks Eljay good job i asked you guys . I was about to send it back to the shop .:)

i know now . :cool:

Raymond .

2009-09-10, 03:18 PM
Glad to help...although that doesn't give you the outputs you're looking for... :(