: Toshiba Regza XV645 Series

2009-09-07, 10:03 AM
Hi there, first post...

I've been a Sharp fan for many years now and had a 37" Aquos (D43U) until last week. There was nothing wrong with the Aquos, in fact it was an excellent TV. We recently renovated the basement and wanted to go to a 46" panel. Unfortunately nothing from Sharp's current line-up (that I would consider affordable) impressed me. What happened to Sharp's quality in their lower range? The D65/85 series black levels are atrocious! Their E77 panel runs more than the equivalent Sony, which is overpriced IMHO, and doesn't really improve on it. LG and Samsung are nice looking, but 120Hz units are up there as well. I'm also not confident with their QC.

So there sat the Toshiba Regza 645. I snapped it up. After a bit of calibration at home the picture is impressive. The blacks are deep, however the shadow detail is lost a bit. Can probably improve that somewhat with a bit more tweaking. Overall I'm impressed with the performance so far. From what I've heard Toshiba is sourcing panels from Sharp anyway (can anyone substantiate this?)

Does anyone else here have a 645 yet? What are you impressions? Why aren't there more reviews out there for this TV?


2009-09-22, 05:30 PM
Hi spish,
I just purchased the toshiba xv645 and I'm tinkering with the settings a little. Can I asked what you found to be the best settings, for sports and movies?
I can't seem to find any suggestions for ideal settings online yet.