: Vision Quest Renoir LVQ-40HLA 1080p

2009-09-06, 07:10 PM
hi, long story short i sold all of my ht components about a year ago when i was moving, i and now miss my hd tv, truth is am into watches more then anything right now and like to keep $1000 or so available for when a good deal pops up on the watch forums, that said i am looking for a cheap hd unit, i came across a vision quest lvq-40hla 1080p, i did some searching but couldn't find any real reviews, is this worth buying as a low cost unit or should i just spend the extra money on a better unit, i really only watch hd golf on the weekends and maybe the odd bluray movie ( also if anyone is planning on upgrading and wants to sell their current tv then please let me know ) any comments appreciated, thanks, chris