: Question connecting LCD TV with computer.

2009-09-06, 05:51 PM

Title might sound general but my problem is more specific hehe.

I have a Sony Bravia KDL46W5100 and my computer has 2 DVI out.

So, setting up everything to get the image was easy. However, i'm having some problems getting the sound. Of course, my video card on my computer won't give sound. I wanted to use the SPDIF out of the computer, but the TV only has a SPDIF out too. I will have to use the red/white (rigth/left) cable to get the sound (note that i don't have any sound system besides the TV and my computer sound system, which is an old stereo with 2 speakers).

So, when the HDMI cable along with the red/white cable is plugged in at the same time, i'm only getting the image. Upon removing the HDMI cable, sound is present. So i can't get the image and the sound at the same time...

I've tried playing with the settings of the TV and nothing worked.

Anyone experienced this kind of problem before ?

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2009-09-06, 08:04 PM
This is very typical. Many TVs don't have the capability to give audio for the analogue audio inputs when the HDMI cable is used (since the audio should be coming in via the HDMI), unless there are analogue audio inputs "associated" with the HDMI input that can be turned on separately, or if there is no signal on the HDMI - depends on the TV. My Sony is that way. Some other HDTVs have manual switching capability, some do not. You may need to get yourself an inexpensive HTiB or computer speakers for the audio or simply use your existing "stereo" for the analogue audio connection, which would probably sound better than the TV speakers.

Sometimes some computer cards have audio output capability via the DVI connection which then goes to the other end of the HDMI cable. If yours doesn't have this capability, then you're out of luck with that option.

As you have time, check out the following post, useful for those new to the forum - FAQs, Search Tips, Optimization, etc:


2009-09-06, 09:34 PM
I will certainly go through the FAQ and the link you posted. I just wanted to update my post with a picture of some of the images and description of the TV's user guide hehe

My setup looks exactly like the picture showing how to do it, so, i'm guessing it would be possible.



2009-09-07, 12:15 AM
It would be possible if the HDMI input didn't detect an audio signal of some sort. For example, with my previous STB using a DVI-HDMI cable, I could connect the analogue audio cables along with the DVI-HDMI cable and the TV would "hear" the audio just fine and show the video.

However, when I connected an HDMI-HDMI cable from an HDMI STB, the TV would no longer allow for the analogue audio cable to be used since it was sensing audio on the HDMI. (I wanted to use the analogue audio cable for a specific purpose) Perhaps that's what's happening with you and perhaps there is some audio signal contained within the DVI-HDMI connection that you have? Is there a setting in the computer to enable sound out via the DVI connection? Or perhaps there's simply an audio signal of some sort on the DVI-HDMI connection that is precluding the use of the analogue connection? Can you turn off all audio on the computer to see if that stops the signal so that you can use the analogue audio cable?

Search in the HDMI menu of the TV to see if there is some way to "turn on" the analogue audio - this is the way it's done on some TVs, however, it's not possible on my Sony, so it's likely not possible on yours. (The switching between HDMI and analogue audio is "automatic" depending on where the TV senses a signal, giving priority to HDMI).

Question. Why wouldn't you connect the analogue audio cables to your stereo receiver for better sound than the TV speakers?

2009-09-07, 11:59 AM

I still don't totally understand why the problem was present but i found the solution. I'm gonna link the forum post for anyone having the same problem hehe


I was under the impression that sound couldn't go through DVI. It seems i was wrong. You can connect the SPDIF out of your motherboard to 2 pins on your video card and the sound will travel through (see the URL). I still don't understand why the TV was detecting sound coming from the video card if nothing was plugged in to allow sound through the video card hehe

Anyway, hope it helps for anyone having this issue.

Also, my stereo was used for my computer, not for the TV. It would've been easier to use a stereo for the TV and output the sound to it. However, i find it move convenient to only have one cable (HDMI) from the computer to the TV hehe


2009-09-11, 10:00 PM
Some of the video cards that don't have native HDMI out will put sound through HDMI if you use a converter dongle. ATI cards have that feature for one (I avoided that mess by getting a Sapphire fanless card that puts out native HDMI).

FWIW, the Toshiba LCDs (at least the 535U series) will allow analogue sound input when using HDMI 1 (out of the 4 ports).

2009-09-12, 12:08 AM
I was under the impression that sound couldn't go through DVI.I stated in the second paragraph of post 2 that it could on computers.

I still don't understand why the TV was detecting sound coming from the video card Because there was a signal there, as stated in the second paragraph of post 4. There doesn't have to be sound for there to be a signal.

2009-09-12, 12:41 AM
Of course, my video card on my computer won't give sound.
Not so fast. The ATI 4000 series cards support sound over HDMI as do some earlier models and some onboard HDMI ports. You may meed to tweak the sound drivers or software to make it work. Some HDMI video cards require an internal S/PDIF cable connection to enable sound over HDMI.