: the same old question..wich one???

2009-09-03, 07:35 PM
I don't know if it's me but i'm having a hell of a hard time choosing my new tv. I'm moving to a new house and the living room will need a new tv as my kids will be grace by my old rear projection xbr sony tv...wich as done a magnificient job so far.

Now in the hew house the guy already had a wall mounted lcd tv so i have no choice (:D) but to buy a new tv. I think it will have to be an lcd cause the living room on the main floor have lots of windows a.k.a light. Money is not a problem here i just want the best. I love to play xbox360 specially COD. So far all the reviews i read have good and bad for every model..be it samsung 7000-8000 sony xbr8-9...maybe the lg lh90?? I'm kinda of clueless this time around....

thanks for any help!!!:rolleyes:

Michael TLV
2009-09-03, 07:51 PM

Go look at the sets in the stores and check out the viewing angles. You would be looking at "usable" viewing angles ... not the crazy number the TV spec talks about. That only cares about whether you see an image any image.

Look to see how fast the colors can change as you walk from side to side.

All the sets are very tweakable ... with Samsung #1 ... then LG ... and then Sony. If you don't care about tweaking ... then Sony ... Samsung ... LG ... flip a coin.


2009-09-04, 07:17 AM
yes i tough of that but i have to find a store near laval (montreal,qc) that hace all the high end model..sony is no problem with the sony store but for the other one forget best buy or future or any big compagny they all have the middle end but no high end....

LOL flip a coin....if it end up to that i'll go sony that's what i always had before but this time i wanted to look and other brand...but the xbr8 is $$$$:o

2009-09-06, 07:07 AM
Visit Best Buy or Future Shop, they should have all of the other models you are interested in.

Last time I was in a Future Shop, they still had the Samsung A950 series around, this has the same type of local dimming that the XBR8 uses. Samsung is supposed to release new LED models with local dimming, the 8500 series and 9000 series, but nothing has been posted to their website yet. I have seem a PDF for the UN85000; google that model number and have a look.

2009-09-06, 09:28 AM
well my FS didn't have a950 and it's not on the web anymore.....oh well guess i'll have a look at the xbr8..lots of good reviews in the avs forum...most people agree that it's way better then xbr9 on any side led dimming...yes some have flashlight issue but like any thing it's not many people...

For the lgh90 i keep reading about lip synching issue...even lg know about it...so exit lg for now..