: Sharp Aquos Optical audio output?

2009-08-30, 06:51 PM
The model of the Sharp is Lc32D43U, I'm trying to connect an X-Box to this set using the HDMI output. Picture and audio work fine through the TV but rather to use the the TV's speakers I'd like to send the audio via the optical cable from the TV to my surrond sound receiver. For some reason even though the Sharp does have an optical out jack it does not send out an audio signal when the set is set to either of the two HDMI inputs. In fact the only time the optical jack lights up is when the input to is set to one of the analogue inputs. The X-Box does not have a separate digital audio output so I though I could get it from the Sharp, but so far no luck. No where in the Sharp's menu can I find a place to enable the optical output from an HDMI input. Has anyone seen this before? Am I incorrect to assume that the optical output should slave what ever audio is fed to the set? Thanks

2009-08-30, 07:48 PM
You can't do what you want, as discussed in the following FAQ - discussed many times, hence the FAQ:

http://www.digitalhome.ca/forum/showthread.php?t=17870 Bolding.

What you need to do is send the audio via optical directly from the device to the AVR.

2009-08-30, 10:22 PM
You can't do what you want

Is that something unique to that model? I have an LC-42D65U, with both Blu-ray player & PVR connected to HDMI ports. I run an optical cable to my audio receiver. There is some info on connecting a PC that may be relevant for a video game.

2009-08-30, 11:54 PM
This is the case for most TVs discussed on this forum so far. The signal from the optical output is not typically DD5.1 and often there is no signal at all if the input is HDMI. This varies depending on the make/model, however, it's very rare to get an actual DD5.1 signal out of the optical cable from the TV, unless it's from the TV's internal ATSC/QAM tuner. All other "passthrough" applications either downgrade the signal to DD2.0, or PCM, or don't provide a signal at all.

2009-08-31, 08:20 AM
All other "passthrough" applications either downgrade the signal to DD2.0, or PCM, or don't provide a signal at all.

That strikes me as bizarre. What's the point of HDMI, if all the signal is not passed on? As I mentioned, with my set I connect both Blu-ray and PVR via HDMI and then optical to my audio receiver. I most certainly get 5.1 from both. My set has 6 HDMI inputs and one of them can be configured for use with a PC. On that one, the audio can come from a mini jack, instead of HDMI cable. This would be used when the computer provides a DVI video output, with a seperate audio output. That mini jack audio can also be used with an analog computer monitor input.

2009-08-31, 08:24 AM
Thanks for the replies. It appears to only be functional when standard R/L analogue audio is sent to the set or when the tuner is used. As I mentioned earlier the XBox unlike the PS3 does not have a separate digital audio output jack so I don't have the option of sending the audio to my AV receiver from the XBox as was suggested. I ended up using the R/L audio out jacks from the Sharp and send that to my surrond sound amp. Of course this is only 2 channel but at least the sub now works. Still a little surprised that the optical out on the Sharp is so limited,, almost not worth the cost on putting the jack back there.

2009-08-31, 08:31 AM
Still a little surprised that the optical out on the Sharp is so limited,, almost not worth the cost on putting the jack back there.

I'm also surprised because on my Sharp Aquos, it works as you'd expect it to. I would consider that lack of pass through to be a serious deficiency in any set. What were the designers thinking???

2009-11-01, 06:31 PM
Interesting Jcol. My 360 came with an extra attachment that plugged into the a/v slot and had a red/white and optical output if you were using hdmi. You sure yours doesn't have that one and you just may have missed it?

2009-11-07, 04:14 AM
I'm in the exact same boat as him (Sharp tv, xbox360, surround sound). We're trying to use the HDMI video/audio outputs from the xbox, while running the optical audio output from the tv to the DD5.1. There is the option of downgrading from the HDMI to the component cables and optical directly from the xbox, but preferably we'd like the HDMI connection (xbox --> TV) AND the optical out (TV --> DD5.1). The Sharp seems to not allow for optical output with an HDMI input to run simultaneously. This may have a fix via firmware update, though I don't have the means to check.

2009-11-10, 11:42 AM
Is an optical jack still available when hdmi is used on the xbox??

I havent seen the back of an xbox in a while

If you have the ability to use optical and hdmi at the same time run hdmi to tv & optical to the receiver. You will need to go into settings on the xbox to disable the dd stream from exiting on the hdmi and add it to the optical out.

Otherwise, try monoprice for a downconverting adapter hdmi==>componant & optical.

2009-11-11, 02:46 AM

This is the HDMI cable from MS which is 60 bux but it comes with the A/V piece that has optical and rca only. This works by plugging into the A/V jack on your xbox and only carries sound. The HDMI cable obviously goes into the HDMI spot. Then you can run optical to your audio.

2011-05-24, 01:18 PM
I just bought the 3d quartron and set it up with the optical out to my surround system and it did not work. I called sharp and they Samir that it was a copyright issue with Sony. If you want your tv to work properly you basing need to buy a Sony tv. I am looking for a jailbreak to get around the copyright restrictions if anyone know where I can get something like that.

2011-05-24, 02:36 PM
The optical out has nothing to do with copyright. You usually need to turn off the TV's internal speakers and/or enable the optical output in the TV's user menu. Note that the TV's optical out is designed for use with the TVs internal tuner and that with some TVs there is either no passthrough of incoming signals from the TV inputs (HDMI, etc), or the Optical output is limited to two channel PCM instead of DD5.1. See the following FAQ on the topic - read the bolded part and the posts earlier in this thread. If the optical port doesn't work properly for any devices you have connected to the TV, those devices need to be connected directly to the AVR/HTiB for audio.


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