: OTA HDTV Receivers

2009-08-26, 08:11 PM
I have a sony KP-46WT510 wide screen tv,
it's has connected by component/3video & 2audio.
the tuner in NTSC old style analogue.
what type OTA Receivers/ATSC= new style digita tuner do I need for true HDTV 1080i performance.
sorry if this question is in wrong forum.....

2009-08-27, 01:22 AM
Haven't checked lately but the Samsung DTB-H260F was one of the better ATSC tuners on the market. It's a couple of years old now so might be hard to find.

2009-08-27, 03:33 AM
Hello seabee1967, here are some threads in the OTA Forum to answer your questions:

ATSC High Definition Tuner Boxes (Non-Recording) (http://www.digitalhome.ca/forum/showthread.php?t=108740) (See Post #110 for the most highly regarded model)

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2009-08-27, 08:20 PM
I appreciate the reply......Jaygeetee & stampeder, :)

Winegard RC-1010 Set Top Box..... This item is currently unavailable from the Manufacturer.

the Centronics ZAT502HD looks like a good choice..... 85.50 + (ups ground)

Samsung DTB-H260F HDTV Digital Tuner QAM ATSC....on ebay bid...in the 150 to 175 range...with out-of-site (warranty)

thanks seabee .........:)

2009-08-28, 02:55 PM
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