: Taking the plunge....

2009-08-25, 10:31 AM
OK, so after years of being a TV luddite (purchased a 32" CRT ~5yrs ago), I'm thinking of taking the plunge into LCD.

After foregoing a TV in the bedroom for the last couple of years, my wife has suggested that "it would be convenient", meaning that she has a place to hide from the kids.

We already have 3 sets; a 32" flat (Sony) CRT in the family room, a 28" CRT (Sony) in the basement and an unused 21" (Panasonic) CRT sitting in a box, but none of these is conducive to our current bedroom layout.

We want to mount the TV inside an Armoire that sits ~4' from, but perpendicular-to our King bed. Hence we need something that swivels and/or is light enough to be mounted on a pivot arm or lazy susan to extend outside the Armoire for viewing.

Keeping the top shelf in place, the upper cavity inside the Armoire is 44.5" wide and about 27" tall. However, we'll lose some height if we install a pull/swing shelf. Note: the back of the Armoire is too flimsy to install a TV mounting bracket, so if we go that route, the latter would have to mount on the wall (through the hole in the back of the Armoire).

Anyhow, to cut to the chase, I'm thinking of something in the 32" to 37" range (it is a bedroom after all). Does this seem reasonable?

Since I'd like to future-proof the purchase, I'm interested in buying a native 1080p set, so we have the option of watching BluRay movies at full resolution. That narrows my selection somewhat.

Other than the obvious picture quality, my other criteria are;

- High contrast ratio
- Low response time
- Ideally, a refresh rate >60Hz
- Price somewhere <=$1K

Any other criteria I should be adding?

Based on the above, I've shortlisted a few models and would like to get some feedback/pros/cons/alternatives.

At 32", I like the specs of the Sharp Aquos LC32E67U and Samsung LN32B530. The Sony KDL32XBR9 is nice too, but >$1K

At 37", I like the LG 37LH55 (on sale) and Samsung LN37B530.

While browsing FS yesterday, I noticed a new Samsung "Series 6" TV; is this substantially better than the Series 5?

Finally, other than waiting for X-mas, Superbowl, when would be a good (short-term) timeframe to find a good deal on one of these beasts (I'm hoping LCD prices will drop now that LED is available)?


2009-08-25, 10:47 AM
There are threads on many of these sets. I would recommend checking them out. Use the advanced search with Samsung in the title and you will find several threads discussing the various Samsung series