: HDMI Color problem

2009-08-19, 11:08 AM
Hi all.
My first post to what seems to be a great forum.
I recently purchased a Panasonic Model TC-L37S1 LCD HDTV but I'm having a problem I hope someone can help with.

I've connected the TV to a Motorola DCT6200 HD box (on Rogers cable). The box has a DVI output so I've used a DVI-HDMI cable to connect the box to the TV. If I go to an HD channel everything looks great but if I tune to a non-HD channel the colors are a mess - mainly green and purple with no red. If go back to an HD channel the color on the HD channel is still fine. In other words color is only a problem on non-HD channels. While on a non-HD channel with the colors all messed up, if I unplug the HDMI connector from the TV and then plug it back in or, if I cycle the power on the TV the color corrects itself and looks great. However, if go to an HD channel and then go back to an non-HD channel colors are messed up again.

BTW, if I connect the component output of the box to the component input on the TV, I don't have this problem. However, I'd really like to connect the box using HDMI as I want to use the TV's component input for my DVR.

Any help would be appreciated.

PS - I've emailed Panasonic on this but so far no reply.


2009-08-19, 11:27 AM
maybe set the hd box to only output in 1080i /720p. then you shouldnt have any issue with hdmi handshaking as the resolution will stay the same.

you can also try a different cable and see if that helps.

2009-08-19, 01:11 PM
I had this problem after changing my cable to dvi/hdmi and found setting the 4:3 override on the dct6200 to 480p worked best. Leave the high def output set to 1080i.

2009-08-19, 01:25 PM
You're right, "redzone" and "hi-def". It must something to do with HDMI handshaking.
I went into the DCT6200 user settings and changed the 4:3 Override from 480i to 480p.
Now I get 1080 res on the HD channels and 480 on the non-HD channels with no color problems when switching between the two.
Thanks a bunch.

2009-08-19, 02:03 PM
This is discussed here so often that it's in the Motorola FAQ, please see the tips there:

http://www.digitalhome.ca/forum/showthread.php?t=21274 Item 16.

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