: Trying to decide on a TV....

2009-08-17, 02:19 PM
Finally got settled in my new place and after waiting for months will be purchasing a new HDTV this week.

I'm 90% sure I'm going to get the TV from costco, since they seem to hands down have the best prices. They also double the warranty to 2 years free of charge.

So, its come down to the sharp 46/52 D85 series LCD (not sure which size)... or a 50" Samsung Plasma - PN50B540.

Details of the room, fair amount of sunlight in the morning but never has the sun shining "directly" onto the wall where the TV would be mounted.

The TV will be primarily used with my HTPC... as it stands, I dont think any other devices will be hooked up to it. The room size is approx 15' square.

90% of the time its just me or my girlfriend watching.

Anyone have experience with either TV?