: Motion blur On Series 5 Samsung

2009-08-15, 09:34 AM
I find i get alot of motion blur on my tv mainly on SDTV . I find it more noticable then on my old Hitachi CRT. I thought with Plasma this was a none issue. I always see info about LCD being 60Hz 0r 120Hz . When turning on my Plasma it always shows 1028 X 780 @ 60hz is this normal I thought the Plasmas would indicate a higher number. Sorry for such a possible dumb question but I am new to all of this.

I am running Bell 9200 with HDMI

2009-08-17, 08:14 AM
believe it or not I have seen motion blur even on a 480hz panasonic plasma. It all depends on the source/channel. Also on My LCD that's a 120hz some channels have no blur and some do, it all depends on the cameras they use and also how far you sit from the TV.