: Samsung PN58B550 vs Pana TCP54V10

2009-08-15, 08:33 AM
Hi! I saw a big Samsung PN58B550 here in my city and also the brand new Panasonic TCP54V10. I could not have the chance to compare then side by side because they are in 2 different stores but witch one would you choose?

See my other Thread about salesman trick. Thank you for any help.

Michael TLV
2009-08-15, 09:50 AM

Likely the panasonic for the better black levels. The samsung would be easier to tweak out ... but both sets calibrate out nicely.

You'd "maybe notice the better black levels at night under total light control conditions ... but not in the day time or with lights on in the room.


2009-08-17, 10:15 AM
My next TV will be installed in the basement and when we watch movies, we are in almost total darkness. So maybe the Panasonic will be better for what we will do with it.

Does teh PN58B550 has the noise issue also like other thread are discussing?

2009-08-17, 11:13 PM
Yes, the PN58B550 is subject to the buzzing issues you have read about in other threads. Whether or not it would bother you depends on many factors.

2009-08-21, 04:22 AM
The B550 is not the comparable to the V10 -- a more comparable Samsung would be the B650 or B8xx series. The V10 costs a lot more than the B550.

But IMO, the V10 is the better set. 96hz refresh rate for flicker free 24p mode, slightly better blacks, and it has grayscale and gamma adjustments in the user menu (unlike the G10). Out of the box, the Samsung is probably closer to the HD standard though. The B650 would be a very good choice as well.

Buzzing seems to be an issue with all 09 Samsungs but some are louder than others.

2009-08-22, 05:04 PM
I went to the store today and I could hear the little noise you are referring to. Sound was muted on the P58B550 and by sticking my ear near the back of the TV I could Hear a Humming noise.

But anybody can hear it while looking at TV with sound ON? Thanks.

2009-08-27, 07:19 AM
I just bought the B550 a couple months ago and couldn't be happier, there is a slight buzzing noise but when you are watvhing tv and the sound is on I dont even notice it, probably because I have surround sound on all the time when watching movies or playing on my PS3, and yes my tv is in my basement and I have no windows just a couplf of fluorescent lights and the display is still amazing with one or two lights on