: Sales trick or really poor perfromance

2009-08-15, 08:22 AM
Hi! I went to 2 stores yesterday to check for Panasonic Plasma HDTV. At first I wanted to buy Samsung because of the number of bits the processors use for color. Then on this forum, people told me to check Panasonic G10 or V10. So yesterday at the store the salesman show me a Panasonic Demo DVD made to show how good they are and on one of the test on this DVD you see the milky way with big stars and little also. I could not see the star dust and the little stars of the milky way on the Panasonic at all and it was very clear on the Samsung. Same thing regarding gradation of a sunset that was better on the Samsung than on the Panasonic. So he convinced me that finally, my first choice of Samsung was better.

Went to an other store and told that to the salesman and he told me that this is an old trick he did in the past to demonstrate the models he really wanted to sell. The Samsung was probably wired with HDMI and the Panasonic with Component video. That would explain the difference in the quality of the image. Would it explain this?

Thanks all. Great Forum.

Michael TLV
2009-08-15, 09:47 AM

You can't tell anything about picture quality for TVs in the showroom unless you know the comparison is an apples to apples one. Anyone can turn the brightness down or the contrast up to skew any type of "objective" testing in the store.

Both units need to be calibrated at least with a test disc for you to make any kind of informed decision on performance.


2009-08-16, 10:07 PM
it seems to me that for regular satellite tv and even for the demod DVD, both TV were having se brightness and contrast level. The panasonic color nuance or gradation was worst the the Samsung. I will go back to the store to verify.

David Susilo
2009-08-21, 08:08 PM
Samsung having the same/similar colour nuance than Panasonic is a possibility. However, Samsung having BETTER colour nuance than a Panasonic is (currently) impossible.

2009-08-21, 10:08 PM
If they had Blu-ray only 2 TVs and not more than they probably were doing exactly what you said: HDMI on the Samsung and component or composite on the Panny.

2009-08-22, 01:07 AM
Component will give an identical picture when compared to HDMI (720P or 1080i)--both are HD signals. Composite on the other hand is maximum 480i, and will look inferior when compared to Component and HDMI.

2009-08-22, 05:01 PM
I went back to the first store today and all the HDTV are connected via Component (Y, Pb, R) signal and an amplifier. Both TV are 720p only. The Panasonic is a TC-P50C1 and the Samsung is a PN50B430. I can definitely see more detail on the Samsung than on the Panasonic.

In fact, with the Milky Way Test, all the Panasonic (small or big) on the wall are not able to show the very little stars or stardust. All the Samsung were able to. This is having nothing to do with color adjustment or contrast. Leafs in trees or little waves on a lake are more sharp on the Samsung than on the Panasonic.

I can't find the number of bits for the Panasonic.

Michael TLV
2009-08-22, 05:06 PM

If the Panasonics are set to something called black level = darker ... you lose black detail. A flick of one control in the user menu to lighter ... usually fixes that. ..