: Best HDTVs when used with Sat HDTV

2009-08-09, 05:19 PM
Hi! I hope this post will work. This is the 3rd time I try and seems that I must shorten my Title for the post to work.

I'm in the process of buying a good quality HDTV (Plasma or LCD) of 50" or more since 8 month. It will be used 95% of the time to watch Satellite HDTV with Bell Expressvu 9241 receiver or maybe Starchoice. 5% of the time I will play regular DVD and I don't think I will buy a BlueRay player ever. So the signal I will send to the HDTV will be 720p or 1080 i but never 1080p.

Most of the middle class HDTV (1500$ to 2000$) I see in stores are not showing good quality of image. 60 Hz and 120 Hz LCD are not performing very good with fast action and some are only having 10 bits color processor meaning that they can only have 1024 (2^10) shade of one color.

The top end models in store are most of the time plug to a BlueRay Demo DVD and I can't tell how they will perform with lower quality signals like Satellite HDTV. Some of those HDTV are having 240 Hz refressh rate for LCD and some are having 12 or 18 bits color processor.

Does any of you have any suggestion to offer me? I'm not sure that paying 3500$ and more for a HDTV that will only be used on Sat HDTV is a good investment.

Thank you all for any help you can provide.

HT gearhead
2009-08-09, 08:34 PM
You may want to consider a Panasonic Viera. They do a great job on lower quality signals like standard DVD and satellite.

2009-08-10, 09:49 PM
Would recommend more a Panasonic Viera Plasma or LCD? I don't watch sports but I'm very sensible to fast moving object on screen. 120 Hz LCD is horrible to me.

2009-08-11, 02:38 AM
Go for a Panny plasma. They offer a number of different models, I'd recommend the V10 or the G10 if you wanna spend a little less. They come in 50" and 54" sizes.