: Samsung PN50B550 vs PN50B530 ?

2009-08-07, 06:35 PM

Went yesterday to pick up the B530. Talked to the sales guy and he offered me the B550. Thought it was a great deal and since 550 is a higher number than 530 (lol) I decided to pick up the B550 instead. Then I went home and noticed that most places on the net is selling the B550 for a lower price than the B530.

Now I'm wondering if I made the right choice between the two models.
What is the difference between the two models and did I make the right decision by paying $100 more for the B550?

Any input would be much appreciated. Thanks.

The picture is incredible on this tv by the way. One of the best images I've ever seen on a tv.

2009-08-08, 12:34 AM
as far as I know I believe the only difference it that the 550 is touch of colour and the 530 is not. Other than that all other specs are the same.

2009-08-19, 03:50 PM
I have PN50B550 model, and I love it...

There is the difference with PN50B530 (from Samsung Internet site) :

Sound output ======> B530: 2x10W - B550: 2x15W
HDMI ============> B530: 2 rear/1 side - B550:3 rear/1 side
USB =============> B530: No - B550: 1 (rear)
Headphone ========> B530: No - B550: Yes
I/O Wireless 802.11==> B530: No - B550: Yes (with adapter)
Touch of color =====> B530: No - B550: Yes (grey)

I bought it at Leons (Quebec city), and I had the choice between these 2 models. For 100$ more (1499$ Vs 1599$), I think it worth it...:cool: