: Thoughts on HD quality of TV shows from iTunes

2009-07-23, 12:08 PM
I am currently mulling over downloading 30 Rock Season 3 via iTunes or ATV but at $62, I am wondering what the quality is like.

Anyone care to voice an opinion?

2009-07-23, 12:55 PM
I have all seasons of 30 Rock in HD from iTunes. The quality is great. There's not a lot of action or anything in the scenes so macro-blocking is never an issue. If I were to compare it to the quality of the OTA and Cable broadcast equivalent, it's definitely on par.

In fact, all of the HD shows I've downloaded from iTunes for ATV are exceptionally nice looking.

2009-07-23, 01:03 PM
Thanks Cyclism. That's exactly what I want to hear.

Now instead of buying them myself, I'll just come over and watch them at your place and save even more money!

BTW, did you buy them through ATV or iTunes. If through ATV, can you synch them back to itunes?

2009-07-23, 01:13 PM
I bought them through iTunes, save them on an external HDD, and then use iTunes to stream them to my ATV. Flawless.

I've never bought anything directly from the ATV. I've only rented movies with it. But you can transfer files from the ATV to your computer with iTunes. I've just never tried it.

2009-07-23, 06:27 PM
Echo the remarks by Cyclism. I haven't rented 30 Rock (television about television is off my list), but I've been watching shows I wanted to sample to see if I liked them e.g. The Wire.
Both SD and HD have been flawless, even look good on my 24' BenQ in the kitchen. Pleasantly surprised.

2009-07-23, 07:12 PM
Well I purchased 30 Rock so I will soon know.

The problem is that its been downloading for hours and its still not half done!

2009-07-23, 07:53 PM
Yeah, that's because iTunes gives you an SD copy along with the HD copy, so it does take some time. Although you can start watching the individual episodes as they finish downloading.